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    3333  * At the [ GENI Experimenter Portal] there is a public RSpec called "'''openflow-load-balancer-kvm'''" that you can use, and either of the ExoGENI AMs
    35 Look at the [wiki:GEC17Agenda/AdvancedOpenFlow/Procedure#Prerequisites Prerequisites] for Tutorials about reserving resources.
     35=== 1.1 Login to the GENI Portal ===
     37[ GENI Portal]
     39=== 1.2 Select Project and Create Slice ===
     41'''Create Slice'''[[BR]]
     43Create a slice in the Project GEC18.  '''Give the slice a unique name.''' Preferably something with your username in it. e.g dbhatlabwiki [[BR]]
     46[[Image(Portalgec18_5.png, 80%)]]
     49=== 1.3 Click on Add Resources and select RSpec ===
     50Select RSpec from drop down list under Add Resources.
     52[[Image(Portalgec18_4.png, 80%)]]
     54For this tutorial we already have an RSpec created for you. Here, select '''GIMIgec18'''. [[BR]]
     55You can also upload your own RSpec. [[BR]]
     57[[Image(Portalgec18_3.png, 80%)]]
     59Here you will need to select the InstaGENI racks assigned to you for the tutorial. This assignment is only done so that we can distribute VMs across different ExoGENI racks. Outside of this tutorial, you can use any of the following racks:[[BR]]
     63'''Click on Reserve Resources'''
     65=== 1.4 Query for resources ===
     66Click on your slice name at the top and click on Resource Status. Once you see a READY on your resources, your slice is ready for experiments. You can refresh the page until you see READY.
     68'''Wait until ready''' [[BR]]
     70[[Image(Portal5.png, 80%)]]
     72== 2. Configure iRODs ==
     73The iRODs or Integrated Rule-Oriented Datasystem is a directory structure used to archive all experiment related data such as scripts, manifest RSpecs, experiment results and so on.[[BR]]
     74Please click on this link to learn more about [,_Digital_Libraries,_Persistent_Archives,_and_Real-time_Data_Systems iRODs].
     76=== 2.1 Create iRODs account ===
     77Login to your GENI Portal account and Click on the Profile tab on the top right corner of the page. Click on Tools.[[BR]]
     78At the bottom of the page, click on the Create iRODs button. [[BR]]
     80[[Image(Portal6.png, 80%)]]
     82You will be redirected to another page with your iRODs Environment and also your temporary iRODs account password. [[BR]]
     84[[Image(Portal7.png, 80%)]]
     86'''''Important:'' Make sure you record your iRODS password.'''
     87How to change your password is explained [ here].
    3789= [wiki:GENIEducation/SampleAssignments/WinterCamp14/GIMITutorial/Procedure Introduction] =