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VLC DASH Tutorial?

Image Map

1. Obtain resources

For this experiment we are going to use resources in ExoGENI GPO or ExoGENI RENCI, we will need:

  • 6 VM (KVM): 4 (VM, VM-0, VM-1 and VM-2) are OpenFlow Switches; 1 (VM-3) Apache Server; 1 (VM-4) VLC DASH Client

If you are attending a Tutorial, the resources might have already been reserved for you, check with your instructor and skip this step.

The various parts of the diagram are as follows:

  • VM, VM-0, VM-1, VM-2: These nodes can be any ExoGENI Virtual Nodes.
  • VM-3: This node runs an Apache Web Server on which our DASH video is hosted.
  • VM-4: This node runs a VLC DASH Client which requests a video from the server.

You can use any reservation tool you want to reserve this topology:

Look at the Prerequisites for Tutorials about reserving resources.


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