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Tool Setup for Lab 1

Setting up your Computer with GENI Tools

Some of the tutorials at the GEC will require you have a laptop that has:

  1. The Omni experimenter tool installed (Instructions)
  2. An ssh client (Instructions), and
  3. A browser capable of running Flash clients (Instructions).

1. Download and Install

Follow the instructions for getting Omni for your OS.

2. Check ability to SSH into a GENI Resource

Mac OS X/Linux

Mac OS X and Linux come with an ssh client you can run from a Terminal window. You do not need to install anything.


If you do not have an ssh client installed:

Note: If you are using the Putty ssh client, you will need puttygen to convert the private keys used by GENI to Putty's format.

Test SSH with keys

The email you received had an SSH private key attached. The passphrase associated with this key is v3rify. To test your ssh setup you will need:

  • username: sshtest
  • hostname:
  • port: 33594

Mac OS X/Linux/Cygwin : Follow these instructions. If you see a prompt [sshtest@my-node ~]$ you are all set!
Windows : Follow these instructions. If you see a prompt [ssgtest@my-node ~]$ you are all set!

2. Verify Browser is Flash-enabled

  1. You will need Google Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Make sure you are able to load The page should look like:

Note: If you do not have flash installed and you are using Firefox, install the Flash plugin for Firefox.