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    122 <ol>
    123 <li>Go to your browser tab with the GENI Portal page.</li>
    124 <li>On that page, select the tab labeled "Profile".  This is on the upper right of the page.</li>
    125 <li>Now select the section labeled <a href=''>Configure: omni</a>.</li>
    126 <li>Now look for "Option 1: Automatic omni configuration".<br />
    127 <img width=400 src="" />
    128 </li>
    129 <li>Click on "customized configuration data" in Step 2 of this section.</li>
    130 <li>Generate a GENI certificate.  The easiest choice is to have the portal generate a combined certificate and key file:<br />
    131 <img src="" width="428" height="109" /></li>
    132 <li>Make sure your default project matches what is on your worksheet.  If not, make that your default.</li>
    133 <li>Click "Download omni bundle" and "save" the file.  The file is saved in your Downloads folder.<br />
    134 <img width=400 src="" />
    135 </li>
     122        <ol>
     123          <li>Login to the <a href=""> GENI Portal </a> </li>
     124           <li> Click on the `Profile tab` link on the top of your screen. Then click on the `Configure omni` tab under `PROFILE`.</li>
     125           <img src="" width="400" />
     126           <li> Click on the `Download your omni data` button under step 2. </li>
     127           <img src="" width="400" />
     128           <li> If this is the first time you try to access your GENI certificate you will have to generate one. Click on the `generate a certificate` link.</li>
     129           <img src="" width="400" />
     130           <li> Unless you really understand how SSL certificates work, choose the simple option. Click on the `Generate Combined Certificate and Key File` button and then click on `Close`.  You will be taken back to the download page with the warning.  Reload the page to enable the download button.</li>
     131           <img src="" width="350"/>
     132           <li> If you are a member of more than one project, select which project you would like to be the default one for running experiments in GENI. You can always change the project that is used by the `-r` command line option of Omni.  Then click on `Download your omni data`.</li>
     133        <img src="" width="400"/> 
     134           <li> The bundle will be saved at <code>~/Downloads/</code> </li>
    136135<li>Open a terminal window and type:<pre class="wiki">omni-configure</pre>The cert and key files you need will be installed in the appropriate folders.</li>