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    1111    * ExoGENI aggregate worksheets ([attachment:UnderstandAMAPIWorksheet_EGonly_140326.docx docx])
    1212 * Instructions ([wiki:GENIEducation/SampleAssignments/UnderstandAMAPI/Procedure web])
    15 == Guidance for leading the exercise ==
    16 === As soon as possible ===
    17  1. As soon as possible, '''e-mail''' letting us know you are running this exercise.  Doing this will:
    18     a. allow us to notify GMOC (GENI Operations) that you are running an exercise
    19     b. give us an opportunity to answer any questions you may have and provide any needed support.
    20  1. If you don't already it, request to have the ''' ''project lead'' permission in the portal'''.  You can request the project lead permission via the "Ask to be a Project Lead" button on the Home page of the portal.  It may take a couple of business days for your request to be approved.
    21  1. Once you have the Project Lead permission, '''create a project''' in the portal. 
    22  1. Add any other instructors or teaching assistants to the project and '''make them Admins'''. 
    23  1. If you haven't already, you and any other instructors or teaching assistants should read through the slides (including the notes) and '''work through the exercise''' and let us know if you have any questions.
    24  1. Verify that students will have access to a machine that allows them to '''ssh using a private key'''. Drop us a note at if you need help with this step.
    25  1. Verify that students will have access to a machine or VM that has '''omni installed'''. Drop us a note at if you need help with this step.
    27 === Approximately one week in advance ===
    28  1. Invite attendees to '''[ login to the portal]''' and request an account from the GENI IdP if necessary.  This may require some manual intervention, so it's important that people do this early.
    29  1. e-mail attendees information about any other '''pre-work'''.  In particular, they will need a machine that allows them to ssh using a private key and has omni installed. 
    30  1. Make a worksheet for each attendee
    31  1. If desired, print hardcopies of the exercise and worksheets. 
    33 === Day of exercise ===
    34  1. A few hours before hand, '''bulk add attendees''' to the project (doing this in advance makes the exercise go more quickly)
    35  1. At the exercise, add any stragglers who haven't joined the project by having them clicking the "Request to Join a Project" button on the home page.  Then you are one of the project Admins should manually add each of these users to the project.
    36  1. At the exercise, please distribute:
    37     a. one worksheet to each attendee (or pair of attendees) doing this exercise.  The worksheet does three things:
    38        i. it helps attendees identify the data (and not the control plane interface) which they will bring down during the exercise
    39        i. it ensures slice names are unique
    40     a. a [attachment: hardcopy of the instructions]
    41     a. Use the [attachment: slides] to cover the background material needed to do the exercise