Title of the Experiment


This is a description of what the experimenter is going to do in this tutorial. The tutorial is going to show her something very cool and I want the experimenter to have a good picture in her head of what they are going to be doing. She should know what knowledge she is going to walk away with at the end. A very basic diagram of the experiment will go a long way toward giving her the big picture:


  • What equipment/software is the experimenter expected to bring to this assignment?
    • Include links to instruction on how to access, install, and configure the software
  • What knowledge is the experimenter expected to have/obtain before starting this assignment?
    • Include links to any previous tutorials or pre-work that should be completed before starting this assignment.
  • What credentials are the experimenter expected to have to do this assignment?
    • Include links to instructions on obtaining those credentials


  • What tools is the experimenter going to be using?
  • References to guides for installing and using the tools
  • Give them a place where they can get some clarification if they don't know what the tool is or what it is doing

How to get help:

  • Mailing lists
  • Forums
  • Troubleshooting pages or FAQs


  • Where can I get more information?
  • GENI Glossary?

Tutorial Instructions

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