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    1414 * TCP fairness concerns [[BR]]
    1515 * The Linux pluggable congestion control module interface
     17== Tools ==
     18The two primary tools used in this assignment are: [[BR]]
     19'''1. Traffic Control (tc)'''[[BR]]
     20The tc command is available in the GNU Linux distributions on ProtoGENI nodes, found in the ''/sbin'' directory.
     21This command manipulates the Linux network forwarding tables, allowing for configuration of queuing disciplines,
     22which change the policies controlling which packets are forwarded in what order and which are dropped; and network
     23emulation, which allows the Linux kernel to emulate various network conditions such as delay or loss.
     24These two effects are provided by the qdisc and netem subcommands, respectively.
     25In these exercises, tc will be used to modify network conditions and enable different scheduling policies.
     26Example command lines will be provided.
     28'''2. [ Iperf]'''[[BR]]
     29Iperf is available on the ProtoGENI nodes, located at ''/usr/local/etc/emulab/emulab-iperf''.
     30Iperf is used to measure the bandwidth performance of Internet links. In these exercises,
     31it is used to study the behavior of TCP in the face of changing link characteristics.
     32Iperf runs as both a server and a client. The server is started with the -s command line option,
     33and listens for connections from the client. The client is started with the ''-c <server>'' command line option,
     34and connects to the server and sends data at either the fastest possible rate (given the underlying network)
     35or a user-specified rate. The -u option causes the sender or receiver to use UDP instead of TCP.
     36Various other options will be required for these exercises, and provided in the appropriate sections.
     37All Iperf measurement data should be recorded from the TCP receiver (server) side.
    1739== Topology ==