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    279279 Step 1. Log in to your Portal account, and then create a slice using the "create slice" button. Note that you should give your slice a unique name. Here I used "shufengPortalTCP" [[BR]]
    280280 Step 2. Click your newly created slice, choose "add resources"
    281   [[Image(addResource.png, 20%)]]
     281  [[Image(addResource.png, 40%)]]
    282282 Step 3. Pick '''TCP Assignment - Virtual Machine''' in the drop-down box right to "Choose Resources" [[BR]]
    283283  The rspec file that is used can be found at [[BR]]
    284284 And choose an Aggregate, in our case, we choose "GPO instaGENI", then click "Reserve Resources" [[BR]]
    285285 This particular RSPEC file will reserve a 5 virtual machines forming a star topology as described earlier. [[BR]]
    286   [[Image(selectRspec.png, 20%)]]
     286  [[Image(selectRspec.png, 40%)]]
    287287 Step 4. If there is no error(s), the output should be as follows. Note that at this point the nodes are not ready yet. [[BR]]
    288   [[Image(reserveResource.png, 30%)]]
     288  [[Image(reserveResource.png, 40%)]]
    289289 Step 5. Go back to the slice page and wait until the slivers are ready. [[BR]]
    290290 Since we reserved our nodes from GPO instaGENI, we only need to click the "get status" button on GPO instaGENI column. [[BR]]
    291291 A note of "READY" with green background means the slivers are ready. (Do not forget to renew your slice after it is ready). See:
    292   [[Image(sliceReady.png, 30%)]]
     292  [[Image(sliceReady.png, 40%)]]
    293293 Step 6. Click "Details" button to get the detailed information, including the ways to login each nodes and then start to do your experiment! [[BR]]
    294   [[Image(reserveResource.png, 30%)]]
     294  [[Image(reserveResource.png, 40%)]]