Alternative Resources for the TCP Assignment

The TCP Assignment

Using Omni to get virtual machines from ExoGENI:

  • Note: May require some minor variation in the instructions. In particular, install iperf using sudo apt-get install iperf by hand.
  • 1. Download the RSPEC from
  • 2. Follow the tutorial on HelloOmni to create the topology using tcp-pc.rspec on ExoGENI
    • Note: When dealing with specific slivers, we need to add "-a eg-gpo" to specify which aggregate manager we want to use (i.e., from where we want to reserve the resources). In our case here, we are using ExoGENI resource at GPO.
  • 3. Log onto the reserved nodes following instructions here: LoginToNodes

Using Omni or Flack to get physical PCs from ProtoGENI:

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