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    4444= 2. Implement a Load Balancing OpenFlow Controller =
    45   - We will implement a Load Balancer OpenFlow Controller on node "Switch" using Trema. [[BR]]
    46   - Load balancing in computer networking is the division of network traffic between two or more network devices or paths, typically for the purpose of achieving higher total throughput than either one path, ensuring a specific maximum latency or minimum bandwidth to some or all flows, or similar purposes. For this exercise, you will design a load-balancing OpenFlow controller capable of collecting flow status data from OpenFlow switches and using it to divide traffic between dissimilar network paths so as to achieve full bandwidth utilization. [[BR]]
    47   - An interesting property of removing the controller from an OpenFlow device and placing it in an external system of arbitrary computing power and storage capability is that decision-making for network flows based on external state becomes reasonable. Traditional routing and switching devices make flow decisions based largely on local data (or perhaps data from adjacent network devices), but an OpenFlow controller can collect data from servers, network devices, or any other convenient source, and use this data to direct incoming flows. [[BR]]
    48   - For the purpose of this tutorial, data collection will be limited to the flow statistics reported by open vswitches.
    5046== 2.1 Experimental Setup ==
    5147  [[Image(OpenFlowLBExo.png, 30%, nolink)]] [[BR]]