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TCP Experiment


In this experiment you will learn how to set up a firewall using OpenFlow. We will use the following network topology for this experiment:
Openflow firewall topology


This tutorial expects that you have completed lab 0 and know how to create a new sliver with an existing rspec. If you have not completed lab 0 please do so now.


All tools will already be installed at your nodes. This experiment uses OpenFlow and Open vSwitch.

Where to get help:

For any questions or problem with the tutorial ask your TA or Professor for help. If a GENI tool is not working correctly please email


Set up

Download the RSPEC from

Using Omni, Portal, or Flack, create a new sliver using this rspec on either ProtoGENI or InstaGENI. For ProtoGENI, use the Utah aggregate manager. On omni, this will need the command

-a pg-utah

Execute the Experiment

helpful tips

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