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     48This section contains a few tips that may help you out if you are using the Open vSwitch implementation provided with this tutorial.
     50If you are using a hardware OpenFlow switch, your instructor can help you find equivalent commands.[[BR]]
     52The Open vSwitch installation provided by the RSpec included in this tutorial is located in ''/opt/openvswitch-1.6.1-F15''. You will find Open vSwitch commands in ''/opt/openvswitch-1.6.1-F15/bin'' and ''/opt/openvswitch-1.6.1-F15/sbin''. If you add these paths to your shell’s ''$PATH'', you will be able to access their manual pages with man.
     54'''Note that ''$PATH'' will not affect sudo, so you will still have to provide the absolute path to sudo; the absolute path is omitted from the following examples for clarity and formatting.'''
     56 - '''2.1 ovs-vsctl'''[[BR]]
     58 Open vSwitch switches are primarily configured using the ''ovs-vsctl'' command. You may find the ''ovs-vsctl show'' command useful, as it dumps the status of all virtual switches on the local Open vSwitch instance. Once you have some information on the local switch configurations, ''ovs-vsctl'' provides a broad range of capabilities to expand your network setup to more complex configurations for testing and verification. In particular, the subcommands ''add-br'', ''add-port'', and ''set-controller'' may be of interest.
     60 - '''2.2 ovs-ofctl''' [[BR]]
     62 The switch host configured by the given rspec listens for incoming OpenFlow connections on localhost port 6634.
     63 You can use this to query the switch state using the ''ovs-ofctl'' command. In particular, you may find the ''dump-tables'' and ''dump-flows'' subcommands useful. For example, {{{sudo ovs-ofctl dump-flows tcp:}}} will output lines that look like this:
     64 {{{
     65cookie=0x4, duration=6112.717s, table=0, n packets=1, n bytes=74, idle age=78,priority=5,tcp,
     66nw src= actions=CONTROLLER:65535
     67 }}}
     69 This indicates that any TCP segment with source IP in the subnet should be sent to the OpenFlow controller for processing, that it has been 78 seconds since such a segment was last seen, that one such segment has been seen so far, and the total number of bytes in packets matching this rule is 74.
     71 - '''2.3 Unix utilities'''[[BR]]
     73 The standard ping and ''/usr/sbin/arping'' tools are useful for debugging connectivity (but make sure your controller passes ''ICMP ECHO REQUEST'' and ''REPLY'' packets and ''ARP'' traffic, respectively!), and the command ''netstat -an'' will show all active network connections on a Unix host; the TCP connections of interest in this exercise will be at the top of the listing. The format of netstat output is out of the scope of this tutorial, but information is available online and in the manual pages.
     75= Exercises =