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    8484  '''Firewall Semantics''' [[BR]]
    8585  When an OpenFlow device connects to your controller (that is, you receive a switch_ready controller event), your controller should send it instructions to:
     86 -
    8687  - 
    8788   - Pass all packets matching allowed connections to your controller
    8990  Priorities are going to be critical to the correct operation of your controller, so set them carefully. Higher priority rules match before lower priority rules, and the first matching rule is followed. See Section 3.4 of the [ OpenFlow specification] for more details on flow matching. [[BR]]
    9091  Upon receiving a packet from the OpenFlow device (via a ''OFPT_PACKET_IN'' message), your controller should:
     92 -
    9193  -
    9294   - Ensure that the packet matches a rule in the configuration
    135137  '''Hints - Want to get the complete firewall.rb? ask your instructor or visit here (you need a password to get it), or send an email  (the solution code may be full of bugs, feel free to tweak it and report bugs/ask questions)''' [[BR]]
    136138  The following list of hints may help you design and debug your implementation more rapidly.
     139 -
    137140  -
    138141   - Remember that OpenFlow switches are an Ethernet switch first and foremost, and that not all packets on an Ethernet are IP. In particular, your hosts will require ARP in order to pass IP traffic through the switch!