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    4646  '''Network Setup''' [[BR]]
    47   [[Image(OpenFlowAssignment1.png, 30%, nolink)]]
     47  [[Image(OpenFlowAssignment1.png, 50%, nolink)]] [[BR]]
    4848  Follow instructions in the [ DesignSetup] step to build a firewall experiment topology. The specific host names allocated for your experiment will be different, but the topology will be isomorphic. The host labeled ''left'' in the figure is “behind” the firewall, implemented by the Open vSwitch host labeled ''switch''. The host labeled ''router'' handles IP routing for the firewalled network, and every host on the other side of this router (the host labeled ''right'' being the only example on this topology; you may wish to add others for your testing and experimentation) are “outside” of the firewall. [[BR]]
    4949  The provided RSpec and the files it installs on the hosts it allocates will configure a complete, working network with an Open vSwitch running on the host labeled ''switch''. The Open vSwitch switch is configured to connect to a controller on localhost (that is, the switch host), but no controller is started; until a controller is started on localhost, the Open vSwitch will act like a normal learning switch, forwarding all packets to the appropriate interface based on MAC address. ''Trema'' is installed in ''/opt/trema-trema-8e97343.'' Once you have implemented your switch, you can simply use this ''Trema'' install to run it and the Open vSwitch will obey its configuration. [[BR]]