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This tutorial is deprecated. If you need help please contact

An Example Ring HyperNet Demo


This Demo shows how to create, log in, and tear down a Ring Topology using HyperNet.


A Ring Topology, the number of nodes on the Ring is variable.


  • Java Runtime Environment
    • Make sure you have JRE version 1.6 + installed.
    • To check your JRE version, type "java -version".
  • GENI Account:
  • GENI credentials
    • Log on to your GENI Portal account, go to "profile",
      • generate ssh key pair and ssl certificate if you have not done so
      • join at least one project if you have not done so
      • download your file
    • Run to distract file (you may download the file from here:
    • If you are running Linux or Mac, you will see a file named "omni_config" being created under ~/.gcf/ folder

Tutorial Instructions