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    4444 Create a GENI experiment using the precip.rspec file downloaded from [ here]. It will allocate a network such as that depicted in the above figure, with ccnd running on every host and an Atmos server running on the hosts datastore1 and datastore2.[[BR]]
    4545 Routing in named data networks takes place using the namespace under which data is stored. In the case of CCNx, the data namespace is a [ doc/technical/URI.html URI], so it looks similar to the familiar http:// and ftp:// URLs of the World Wide Web. CCNx URIs are of the form ccnx:<path>, where <path> is a typical URI slash-delimited path. The components of the URI path are used by the network to route requests for data from consumers to the providers of that data. Routes have been installed on all of the machines in the network except researcher2, a data consumer node with two connections to the rest of the named data network.
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    4746  - '''Task 1.1: Finalize Configuration'''
    4847  ''In this task, you will observe the effects of the missing static routes, and restore them.'' [[BR]]
    6160  - '''Question 1.1 A: ''' [[BR]]
    6261  From ''researcher2'', fetch the same data again (from 1902/01/01 to 1902/01/02), and record the fetch times reported by ''''. It prints out the time take to pull each temporary file along with the concatenation and write time. Then fetch 1902/02/03 to 1902/02/04, and record those fetch times. Fetch 1902/02/03 to 1902/02/04 a second time, and record the new times. Which transfer was longest, and which was shortest? Knowing that each ccnd caches data for a short period of time, can you explain this behavior?
    6462  - '''Question 1.1 B:''' [[BR]]
    6563  Browse the content caches and interests seen on various hosts in the network by loading their ccnd status page on TCP port 9695 in your browser (see Section 5, Hints, below). Which hosts have seen interests and have content cached, and why?