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    3 = Planning a Class in GENI =
     3= Planning a Class or an Event on GENI =
     4If you would like to use GENI in your classroom, or do a one-time tutorial there are a few things that you need to do. Based on our experience we came up with the following
     5timeline of when things should happen in order for your class/event to go smoothly. Please do not hesitate to [ contact us] with any questions.
    5 GENI can provide a great benefit in teaching
    7 === As soon as possible ===
    8  1. As soon as possible, '''e-mail''' letting us know you are running this exercise.  Doing this will:
    9     a. allow us to notify GMOC (GENI Operations) that you are running an exercise
    10     b. give us an opportunity to answer any questions you may have and provide any needed support.
    11  1. If you don't already it, request to have the ''' ''project lead'' permission in the portal'''.  You can request the project lead permission via the "Ask to be a Project Lead" button on the Home page of the portal.  It may take a couple of business days for your request to be approved.
    12  1. Once you have the Project Lead permission, '''create a project''' in the portal. 
    13  1. Add any other instructors or teaching assistants to the project and '''make them Admins'''. 
     7== Early, at least two weeks in advance ==
     8Depending on your class/event you want to start the process as early as possible especially if this would be your first use of GENI.
     9 1. ['''Optional'''] '''emaill []''' to let us know you will be using GENI. This will let us help you along the process. We '''strongly recommend''' this, if this is your first time using GENI
     10 1. '''Access to GENI Portal''' If you are planning to use the [https// GENI Portal] in your class you should figure out how you and your students will get access to GENI. Read the SignMeUp page for more details.
     11 1. '''[wiki:SignMeUp#a2b.CreateaGENIProject Create a Project']'' for your event. Although you might already have a project we recommend that you use a separate project for your class/tutorial. This will make the account management easier. We also '''strongly recommend''' to add an expiration date for your project. The expiration date should not be right after your event in case the students want to experiment for a bit after, but it should be close. We suggest to use ''1 week'' after your event.
     12 1. '''Add''' any other instructors or teaching assistants to the project as Admins. This will allow them to help with the management of the project and with debugging problems with the students.   
    1413 1. If you haven't already, you and any other instructors or teaching assistants should read through the slides (including the notes) and '''work through the exercise''' and let us know if you have any questions.
    15  1. Verify that students will have access to a machine that allows them to '''ssh using a private key'''. Drop us a note at if you need help with this step.
    16  1. Verify that students will have access to a machine or VM that has '''omni installed'''. Drop us a note at if you need help with this step.
     14 1. '''Choose exercises and test them''' We maintain a [wiki:GENIEducation/SampleAssignments list of tutorials/assignments] that you can use out-of-the-box. If you decide to use your own exercises we suggest you start at least a month before the date you are planning to use these new assignments.
     15 1. '''Decide what machines the student should use'''. Depending on the exercises and the event
    1818=== Approximately one week in advance ===