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    3333= Debug problems =
    35 = Setup your GENI project =
    36 In order for you and your students to get access to GENI resources you will need to get GENI accounts. Every GENI experimenter has to be associated with at least one GENI project, so you will have to create one.
    37 Currently there are two different ways to get a GENI project.  No matter what way you chose to create your project, it is best to create a separate project for each event. For example if you are planning to use
    38 GENI for a course make a new project only for that.
    39  1. '''Using the GENI portal''': Since 2012, GPO has been developing a new !ClearingHouse, that presents a unified view of GENI to experimenters and integrates access with various research institutions. The portal is open for use, but keep in mind that it is still under development. To setup your project this way see [wiki:SignMeUpPortal these instructions]
    40  2. '''Use''': This is an emulab instance that is run by GPO and issues credentials that give you access to all federated GENI resources. This is the main method that we have used so far, so many tutorials and assignments assume these type of accounts. To setup your project this way see [ these instructions]
    42 If you are not sure which method to choose, please [ send us an email].
    4435= Setup access for attendees =
    4536Depending on how much control you have over who is attending your GENI event you have two options about how to give access to GENI to the participants:
    5445'''NOTE:'''For one-time tutorials we suggest a combination of the two above approaches, i.e. you should try to have your attendees get personal accounts before your event, but also have a set of temporary accounts for people that show up at the last moment, or have not done the pre-work before your event.
    5547= Presentation material =