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Background Information on GENI

The attached material is useful for providing an introduction to GENI appropriate for a hands-on or classroom setting.

This material was originally developed for use in the GENI introductory hands-on tutorials (Lab Zero and Lab One).


A YouTube playlist contains all of the videos.

The slides come in two parts ([Part I] [Part II]). A script contains the verbal patter accompanying all of the slides.

Individual Pieces

Material for the individual videos, slides, and script are listed below. The length of each segment in minutes is listed in parentheses.

  1. (3:25) GENI Terminology: Define five basic terms: experimenter, project, slice, resource, and aggregate
  2. (4:32) How SSH with a Private Key Works: Explanation of how SSH with a private key works and why it is easier to use and more secure than SSH with a password
  3. (1:04) GENI Expiration and Renewal: explains the interaction of resource, slice, and project expiration and how to renewal the same
  4. (3:15) Behind the Scenes of GENI Experimentation: Understanding GENI AM API and RSpec: An explanation of the APIs and data formats that tie all GENI resources together.
  5. An Introduction to GENI Tools: Jacks in the Portal and omni: how the Jacks and omni tools use the AM API under the covers
    • no video [slides] no script
  6. (3:05) GENI Support for Automating Resource Reservation: automating resource configuration with OS images, install scripts, and open source configuration management tools

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