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All About HyperNet Architecture

To use a HyperNet App

  • 1. What the user needs
    • 1.1 credentials: more precisely, the following files: omni_config, private/public key pairs for GENI (can get from GENI Portal, e.g., geni_key_portal and in your ~/.ssh/ directory), the ssl certificate for GENI (can get from GENI Portal, i.e., geni_cert_portal.pem in your ~/.ssl/ directory)
    • 1.2 JRE (Java Runtime Environment) - do not know the version requirement yet, assume the default version on your Windows/Ubuntu/Mac would work as long as your PC/Laptop is not 20 years old :-)
  • 2. How to get the files needed above?
    • 2.1 Option A. Get a GENI Portal account, log on your portal account, click "profile", then download public key and private key to ~/.ssh/ directory; SSL certificate to ~/.ssl/ directory, then download and customize a template omni config file and customize it.
    • 2.2 Option B. Get a GENI Portal Account, download a "omni-bundle" script from somewhere, and run it using the following command:
        run omni-bundle script

To Build a Network Hypervisor Server

For Ubuntu: [BR]

  • 1. install apache:
     sudo apt-get install apache2
  • 2.