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    1919   * The unit of isolation for experiments.   A GENI experiment lives in a slice.  An experiment in one slice is isolated from experiments in other slices.
    2020   * A unit of access control.  The experimenter that creates a slice can determine which project members have access to the slice i.e. are members of the slice.  The project lead is automatically a member of all slices created in a project.
     22The following figure shows two slices created by the research assistant in Project Alpha.  She has added to Slice 1 three compute resources connected by three network links.  She has also added the post-doc associated with her project as a member of her slice.  Her professor was automatically added to her slice as he is the project lead.  Slice 2 has two compute resources connected by a link.  She has not added the post-doc as a member of this slice and so he cannot perform any actions on this slice or even view the resources in this slice.  Only the research assistant or her professor can add the post-doc to this slice.
     24[[Image(SliceGraphic.png, 30%)]]