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     3== Project Number ==
     7== Project Title ==
     9GENI/Ecalyptus Federated Resource Allocation [[BR]]
     10a.k.a. GENICloud
     12=== Technical Contacts ===
     14'''PI:''' Rick !McGeer, HP Labs [][[BR]]
     15'''Co-PI:''' Andy Bavier, PlanetWorks [] [[BR]]
     16'''Co-PI:''' Alex Snoren, U.C. San Diego [][[BR]]
     17'''Co-PI:''' Yvonne Coady, U. of Victoria [] [[BR]]
     18'''Co-PI:''' Indriani Gupta, U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaing [] [[BR]]
     21=== Participating Organizations ===
     23[ HP Labs, Palo Alto][[BR]]
     24[ PlanetWorks LLC] [[BR]]
     25[ University of California, San Diego][[BR]]
     26[ University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada][[BR]]
     27[ University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign][[BR]]
     29=== GPO Liaison System Engineer ===
     31[ Vic Thomas]
     33== Scope ==
     35The GENI facility envisages researchers  constructing, deploying, and executing experiments on a variety of test infrastructures.  Various large-scale tests, including wide-area storage, content distribution, and some forms of sensing with analysis, require the simultaneous use of both widely distributed sensing and actuating nodes and analysis  nodes in large-scale cloud clusters.  Eucalyptus is popular, open-source software for building a cloud computing infrastructure.   The  GENICloud project will build a GENI federation interface for compute clusters running Eucalyptus.  This interface will allow Eucalyptus clusters to federate via the Slice-based Federation Architecture (SFA), and will enable experimenters to seamlessly deploy and configure slices spanning PlanetLab and multiple Eucalyptus installations.
     37The project anticipates devoting approximately 32 nodes at the HP Labs OpenCirrus facility long-term to hosting a Eucalyptus cluster, and opening this to approved GENI researchers.  This cluster will be tightly instrumented by HP Labs in order to gather data on cluster usage and resource usage
     39=== Current Capabilities ===
     42=== Milestones ===
     44[[MilestoneDate(GENICLOUD S2.a Demonstration at GEC7)]] [[BR]]
     45[[MilestoneDate(GENICLOUD S2.b Plan for GUI)]] [[BR]]
     46[[MilestoneDate(GENICLOUD S2.c Demonstration at GEC8)]] [[BR]]
     47[[MilestoneDate(GENICLOUD S2.d Eucalyptus aggregate manager available to experimenters)]]
     49== Project Technical Documents ==
     51=== Quarterly Status Reports ===
     53due 31 March 2010[[BR]]
     54[QuarterlyStatusReportTemplate Report Template]
     56=== Spiral 2 Connectivity ===
     58=== Related Projects ===
     60[ Eucalyptus]