GENI Clearinghouse and Portal

Refer to slides from GEC14

Per Tom Mitchell:

1) The GENI Portal will be introduced (alpha? beta?) at GEC15.

2) Through the portal home page, slide 8, you can indicate your Project, and then request a Slice (included within a Project)

2b) From the slice page (not shown in the slides), you can renew it, add slivers, delete slivers, etc. This is done with OMNI, but there is an option to do it with FLACK.

3) Yes, there is a way for a User in an organization associated with InCommon to use the InCommon login to get a GENI certificate, and then GENI credentials. Tom reports that this is much like ProtoGENI.

Or there are other ways to get a GENI Certificate, and then credentials. An InCommon login is NOT required.

No matter how, it is the GENI Certificate and Credentials that are used in getting resources, etc. The Portal helps the user manage these, and passes them to FLACK, etc.

3b) This says nothing about the service to service AA we have been considering; our earlier discussions hold.

4) Note in Slide 17 that the CH contains a Service Registry, with registrations from Project Authority, Slice Authority, all Aggregate Managers, etc.

4b) It will make sense to include registrations from persistent services associated with I&M, including: GEMINI Portal; UNIS; iRODS, etc.

Tom reports the need to add some additional types, but that should be easy.

5) From the slice page (and the portal home page), there is a place to put “buttons” that get you to additional useful tools.

So far, only a button to: FLACK.

5b) But, clearly, we should consider ways to quickly get to useful I&M tools/GUIs.

This could include buttons to get to: GEMINI Portal; iRODS; GIMI Portal, etc.

Or, it might make sense to merge the GEMINI Portal with the GENI Clearinghouse Portal…

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