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    44 * Federation Architecture: How can we establish trust among broad sets of users and contributors of independently owned and operated resources?
    6 The essentials of network architecture are described <***>. This page describes the foundations of federation architecture.
     6== Network Architecture ==
     8The GENI Network Architecture was designed around three fundamentals principles of GENI:
     9  1. GENI is a '''sliceable testbed''' that can support multiple concurrent experiments running in isolation.
     10  2. GENI is '''deeply programmable''', and allows experiments to control packet forwarding within the network.
     11  3. GENI is a '''federation''' that is comprised of several autonomous organizations providing resources to GENI. From the point of view of the user GENI appears like a unified testbed.
     13Figure 1, shows a high level overview of the GENI Network Architecture:
     15== Federation Architecture ==
    817GENI is composed of a broad set of heterogeneous resources, each owned and operated by different entities. They wish these entities to participate in GENI and allow these resources to be made available to researches. But they want to maintain a degree of control and trust that these resources will be used in a responsible and secure manner. In addition to these resource owners, GENI has a broad community of experimenters and researchers who wish to build topologies from these resources on which to perform reseach and experimentation.