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    3131GENI is a federation of resources that are provided from different organizations. This makes network provisioning between sites challenging since there is no one organization that is responsible for provisioning the networking for a single slice. In the Internet we know very well how to achieve this and we have different federation protocols so that different network providers can peer and provide end-to-end connectivity to users. However, the GENI backbone provides Layer 2 connectivity between different organizations and Layer 2 peering is not as well explored in the Internet. To achieve this and to enable dynamic provisioning of networking connection per experiment, GENI has developed a mechanism called '''stitching''' that allows different organizations to provision parts of a Layer 2 link between two compute resources in a way that it guarantees end-to-end connectivity. An example diagram is presented on Figure 2 below. [[BR]]
    3232[[Image(network-stitching.png, 20%, nolink)]]
     33[[BR]] In the example above, in order to connect a host on Rack A to a host on Rack B, different portions of the network need to be provisioned by different organizations (organizations hosting Rack A and Rack B, the regional networks that connect Rack A and Rack and the provider of the GENI core network which is Internet2) and at the peering points the organizations need to coordinate to ensure that they establish a working end-to-end Layer 2 path. [wiki:GeniNetworkStitching Click here] for more information on GENI stitching.
    3435=== Connection resources to GENI ===