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Welcome Aggregate Providers

Aggregate providers are owners/operators of campus networks or research testbeds federated with GENI. For a list of current GENI aggregates, see AvailableAggregates.

Interested in becoming a GENI Campus?

You can get a GENI Rack and/or become an OpenFlow campus. This is how....

Interested in federating your testbed with GENI?

You need to:

  • Implement the GENI AM API
  • Agree to the Aggregate Providers Agreement
  • Recognize experimenter credentials issued by a GENI slice authority. This means you will grant access to your testbed resources to experimenters with the appropriate credentials signed by a GENI slice authority. You may set up policies specific to your testbed on usage of your testbed resources. For example, you may limit the number of resources held by an experimenter or how long they are held.

Aggregate Providers' Agreement

All aggregate providers must agree to the Aggregate Providers Agreement