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GENI in a Box

What is GENI-in-a-Box?

GENI-in-a-Box is intended to help you get started with GENI without having to apply for a GENI account. You can use GENI-in-a-Box to set up and run experiments just as you would with using resources from a real GENI aggregate. In this case all the resources you use exist within GENI-in-a-Box running on your computer.

The figure below is a schematic of the GENI-in-a-Box. GENI-in-a-Box is distributed as a VirtualBox virtual machine image that you download and import into VirtualBox running on your computer. The virtual machine includes the Omni

What are the limitations of GENI-in-a-Box?


To get started all you need to do is download a virtual machine image on your computer

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