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GEMINI v3 Goals, Plan, Tasks, and Status

1) GEC19 Goals


  1. Speaks-for support in GENI Desktop, back-end, and scripts
  2. General bugs in GENI Desktop
  3. iRODS
    1. slice membership support
    2. username/password vs. GSI
    3. metadata/structure
    4. active measurement data
  4. Further GMOC integration
  5. Large-scale, complex experiment to drive boundaries of GEMINI
  6. Stitched topology with IG and EG
  7. Finish up active measurement extensible configuration
  8. Single image across IG/EG

2) Team

Martin Swany (IU) -

Ezra Kissel (IU) -

Frank Diaz (IU) -

Laura Diaz (IU) - Laura Diaz

Mark Keele (IU) -

Miao Zhang (IU) -

Jim Griffioen (UK) -

Zongming Fei (UK) -

Hussam Nasir (UK) - Hussamuddin Nasir

Charles Carpenter (UK) -

Jeremy Reed (UK) -

Xiongqi (Wesley) Wu (UK) -

Marshall Brinn (BBN) -

Jeanne Ohren (BBN) - Jeanne Ohren

3) Planning and Status Meetings/Conference Calls

111313 3pmEST - notes

112613 2pmEST - notes

121113 3pmEST - notes

010814 3pmEST - notes

012214 3pmEST - notes

020314 1pmEST - notes

021714 1pmEST - notes

022414 GEC19 Feature Freeze: Only critical bug fixes after this date

030314 4pmEST - notes

031714 - 031914 GEC19 at Georgia Tech

WebEx information for bi-weekly calls
Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada): 1-877-668-4490
Call-in toll number (US/Canada): 1-408-792-6300
Access code:795 059 053

4) Plans

GEC 19 Supported Platforms and Images for Experimental Nodes (MP)

Aggregate Raw/Virt Image Targeted Notes
ProtoGENI Raw Fedora15 yes
ProtoGENI openvz Fedora15 yes
InstaGENI Raw Fedora15 yes
InstaGENI openvz Fedora15 - yes
InstaGENI Xen Fedora15 yes
InstaGENI Xen Ubuntu11 no Not an LTS release, has invalid repo sources causing apt-gets to fail
InstaGENI Xen Ubuntu12 - yes
InstaGENI Xen Free BSD 82 no
ExoGENI Raw no Can only provision ExoGENI raw nodes in Flukes
ExoGENI KVM Ubuntu12 yes
ExoGENI KVM CentOS 6.3 yes
ExoGENI KVM Debian 6 yes

Test Results
Mark's Test Results

GEMINI Global Node Images

Rack Type OS URL Hash
ExoGENI CentOS 438e1f1200f396f148d82324e52566958780262a
InstaGENI Fedora15 (OpenVZ)
InstaGENI Ubuntu 12.04 (Xen)

5) Tutorials using GEMINI

6) Videos

7) Documentation