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GEMINI v3 Goals, Plan, Tasks, and Status

1) Goals

  1. Speaks-for support in GENI Desktop, back-end, and scripts
  2. General bugs in GENI Desktop
  3. iRODS
    1. slice membership support
    2. username/password vs. GSI
    3. metadata/structure
    4. active measurement data
  4. Further GMOC integration
  5. Large-scale, complex experiment to drive boundaries of GEMINI
  6. Stitched topology with IG and EG
  7. Finish up active measurement extensible configuration
  8. Single image across IG/EG

2) Team

Martin Swany (IU) -

Ezra Kissel (IU) -

Frank Diaz (IU) -

Laura Diaz (IU) - Laura Diaz

Mark Keele (IU) -

Miao Zhang (IU) -

Jim Griffioen (UK) -

Zongming Fei (UK) -

Hussam Nasir (UK) - Hussamuddin Nasir

Charles Carpenter (UK) -

Jeremy Reed (UK) -

Xiongqi (Wesley) Wu (UK) -

Marshall Brinn (BBN) -

Jeanne Ohren (BBN) - Jeanne Ohren

3) Planning and Status Meetings/Conference Calls

111313 3pmEST - notes

112613 2pmEST

121113 3pmEST

010814 3pmEST

012214 3pmEST

020514 3pmEST

021914 3pmEST

022414 GEC19 Feature Freeze: Only critical bug fixes after this date

030514 3pmEST

031714 - 031914 GEC19 at Georgia Tech

WebEx information for bi-weekly calls
Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada): 1-877-668-4490
Call-in toll number (US/Canada): 1-408-792-6300
Access code:795 059 053

4) Plans

GEC 19 Supported Platforms and Images

Aggregate Raw/Virt Image Targeted Notes
ProtoGENI Raw Fedora15 yes
ProtoGENI openvz Fedora15 yes
InstaGENI Raw Fedora15 yes
InstaGENI openvz Fedora15 - yes
InstaGENI Xen Fedora15 - yes
InstaGENI Xen Ubuntu11 no Not an LTS release, has invalid repo sources causing apt-gets to fail
InstaGENI Xen Ubuntu12 - yes
InstaGENI Xen Free BSD 82 no
ExoGENI Raw no Can only provision ExoGENI raw nodes in Flukes
ExoGENI KVM Ubuntu12 yes
ExoGENI KVM CentOS 6.3 yes
ExoGENI KVM Debian 6 yes

Test Results


Rack Type OS URL Hash
ExoGENI CentOS 438e1f1200f396f148d82324e52566958780262a
InstaGENI Fedora15 (OpenVZ)

5) Tutorials using GEMINI

6) Key Task List

ID Description Targeted Goal Assignee Due Status Notes