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GEMINI v3 Goals, Plan, Tasks, and Status

1) Goals

a) Increase robustness and scalability of GEMINI services
b) Better integration of active measurement configuration in GENI Desktop
c) Wider platform support
d) iRODS metadata support
e) Work with GMOC to provide infrastructure and OF measurement.
f) Support speaks-for in GEMINI
g) Implement openID relying party

2) Team

Martin Swany (IU)

Ezra Kissel (IU)

Frank Diaz (IU)

Laura Diaz (IU)

Jim Griffioen (UK)

Zongming Fei (UK)

Hussam Nasir (UK)

Charles Carpenter (UK)

Jeremy Reed (UK)

Marshall Brinn (BBN)

Jeanne Ohren (BBN)

3) Planning and Status Meetings/Conference Calls

080713 10amEDT

082113 10amEDT

090413 3pmEDT

091813 3pmEDT

100213 3pmEDT

101313 GEC18 Code Freeze: Only critical bug fixes after this date

101613 3pmEDT

102713 - 102913 GEC18 at NYU Poly

WebEx information for bi-weekly calls
Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada): 1-877-668-4490
Call-in toll number (US/Canada): 1-408-792-6300
Access code:795 399 265

4) Plans

GEC 18 Robustness, Usability, and Scalability issues

  • Need to load SSH key?
  • Approving certificates in GENI Desktop

GEC 18 Supported Platforms and Images

Aggregate Raw/Virt Image Targeted Script GENI Desktop Notes
ProtoGENI Raw Fedora15 yes
ProtoGENI openvz Fedora15 yes
InstaGENI Raw Fedora15 yes
InstaGENI openvz Fedora15 yes
InstaGENI Xen Fedora15 yes
InstaGENI Xen Ubuntu11 no
InstaGENI Xen Ubuntu12 yes
InstaGENI Xen Free BSD 82 no
ExoGENI Raw yes
ExoGENI KVM Ubuntu12 yes
ExoGENI KVM CentOS 6.3 yes
ExoGENI KVM Debian 6 yes

5) Key Task List

ID Description Targeted Goal Assignee Due Status Notes
1 Agree on a list of what robustness, usability, and scalability issues we want to address for GEC18 a All 8/23
2 Develop a plan for integrating active measurement configuration in GENI Desktop b Complete Wesley has handed over the module information to IU
3 Agree on a list of platforms and images we plan to support for GEC 18 c All Complete See Targeted column in section 4 above
4 Send out GSAS document and GENI Research Results Sharing Policy to gemini-list for feedback d Jeanne 8/21 Complete
5 Agree on the structure and metadata content for iRODS d All
6 Talk with GPO about setting priority with GMOC for infrastructure and OF measurement e Marshall/Jeanne 8/28 In Progress
7 Set a meeting with GPO SW dev team to discuss how to support speaks-for f Marshall
8 Develop a plan for implementing OpenID relying party in GENI Desktop g Jim/Hussam/Tom/Aaron
9 Schedule a scale test with larger number of participants a Jeanne Gather list of potential attendees, possibly use temp accounts? Need a script
10 Implement module for active measurement integration with GENI Desktop b Ezra In Progress
11 Generalize extensibility of active measurement scheduling a Frank In Progress