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I see a message "Failed to logon to the Genidesktop" when using my Geni Portal login ?

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Make sure you typed in the correct passphrase for the ssh keys you have generated at the Geni Portal.
If you need additional assistance , please email

After login , i see my slices , but it says "No Resources Present" even though i have slivers reserved.

You may have the wrong Aggregate managers selected, or they system automatically picked some for you which are not correct. You need to manually select the Aggregate managers you have used for this slice, so that the Genidesktop knows who to communicate with in-order to get information about your slice and nodes. Follow the arrows to set the AMs appropriately. Then select the slice using the checkbox and perform the "Update Status" operation again on that slice.
[=#set_ams No image "no_resources.png" attached to GD No image "set_am.png" attached to GD]

My Slice status says "MIXED". What should I do ?

Your slice may have had resources from more than one aggregate. When you had used the Genidesktop to "Initialize/Instrumentize" your slice, you may not have had all your Aggregate Managers selected in the AM list selection. But there is hope of recovery. Perform the following operations to bring the state of the slice to a recognized state.

  1. Find the AMs at which you believe your resources are reserved.
  2. In the Genidesktop mouse over the word "MIXED". You should see something like
            Assume for this example, that GN0 belongs to KY-IG and GN1 belongs to Utah PG.
    This indicates that the "Initialization" operation was performed on the nodes that match the AM to which the node "GN1" belongs. The ranking of the states are :
        0 - CREATED   (least)
        6 - INSTRUMENTIZE_COMPLETE  (highest)
    If your slice details (when you mouse over) has any of the _IN_PROGRESS states, then this may not be recoverable and you may have to delete the slice and start over.
  3. Change the AM selection for this slice to the one with the least state. In our example from (2) GN0 is in the CREATED state which is the least. So we set the AM to KY-IG using the method mentioned [here.