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    4040 5. Change the AM selection for this slice again to set both the AMs this time.
    4141 6. Perform the "Update Status" operation on the slice. You should a valid status this time . If the problem persists please email for help [[BR]]
     43=== My Slice status says  "ERROR". What should I do ? ===
     44  Bring your mouse over the work "ERROR" and see what the tool-tip message says.
     45  * If you see a message "Hostname does not exist", it means that the rack at which you have created your resources has a slow or misconfigured DNS. The hostnames records for you nodes has not been propagated to other DNS servers. You may have to wait a while and then try to perform the "Update Status" Operation. We have seen certain Instageni racks taking around 30 mins for the DNS hostnames to work.
     46  * If you see a message "Hostname is not responding (timeout or socket error)", it means that the mentioned host/node has a problem with network connectivity or the ssh daemon is no running. Things may not work until the Control Framework errors are fixed. Please contact the GENI Help folks.
     47  * If you see a message "Authentication for hostname at port", it means that the mentioned host/node has a problem the ssh daemon. It just could be that your slice is not yet in a ready state of just became "Ready" within the last minute or two. If this error persists even after 5 minutes of your slice being in a READY state, try to login to this problematic node using your desktop and the ssh program.[[BR]]
     48    If you succeed then it could be an error on our part : please email for help [[BR]]
     49    If you fail then it could be an error on our Control Framework : please email GENI Mailing lists for help [[BR]]