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    6666 * Updated 040113
    6767 * Updated 040313 after 040213 call
     68 * Updated 042313 after 041613 call, and discussion with Laura Diaz on 042313
    69701)  Meet biweekly starting 4/2, with 3 demo sessions: 5/14, 6/11 and 7/9  [[BR]]
    9697        h)  Current ExoGENI configuration?  [[BR]]
    9798                4/16:  Sub-team has met, made plan;  see  [[BR]]
     99                4/16:  Biggest issue for extension into ExoGENI:  making fedora images;  but, could be done later, if start with loading software    [[BR]]
    1001015)  Add features to GEMINI Portal (GENI Desktop) service:  [[BR]]
    101102        a)  Register with GENI Clearinghouse Service Registry  (low)  [[BR]]
    102103        b)  Single sign-on, from GENI Experimenter Portal, as alternate way to get credentials (step 2)   [[BR]]
    103                 4/2:  Hussam and Tom;  in progress  (low)  [[BR]]
     104                4/2:  Hussam and Tom/Aaron;  in progress  (low)  [[BR]]
     105                4/16:  Hussam;  working on it, reviewing proposals from Aaron Helsinger  [[BR]]
    104106        c)  Push topology to UNIS, then retrieve topology from UNIS for display  (high)  [[BR]]
    105                 4/16:  Ahmed and Ezra;  will make a proposal  [[BR]]
     107                4/16:  Ezra forwarded paper with options, but was not present to review.  [[BR]]
     108                4/16:  Discussed presented options;  Jim:  parser prepares data for the components, and has it available BEFORE instrumentize script run;  without more discussion, need to keep with current approach (Proposal 1)  [[BR]]
    106109        d)  Plugin to configure GEMINI active measurements (w/o going to GN)  (high)  [[BR]]
    107110                4/16:  Ezra, Charles and Hussam;  will make a proposal  [[BR]]         
    118121                when?  [[BR]]
    119122        b)  Complete set of active network measurements to match LAMP, and define any desired extensions  [[BR]]
    120                 4/16:  Matt will present the plan he has  [[BR]]
     123                4/16:  Matt:  the real problem is configuration;  working on representing all active measurements in UNIS as a propoer resource;  will have a proposal on 043013  [[BR]]
    121124        c)  +Work with GMOC to define network monitoring use case, support GMOC in its use of active network measurements for network monitoring, and define any desired extensions  [[BR]]
    122125                4/2:  Martin;  continue to talk with GMOC;  when to report?  [[BR]]
    123126        d)  +Work with GMOC to consider how to best support OF in GENI testbed infrastructure
    124127                4/2:  ?  [[BR]]
     128                4/16:  Laura will inquire/push  [[BR]]
    125129        e)  Plan how to use NetLogger to gather custom measurements from an experiment application into BLiPP, and prototype  [[BR]]
    126130                4/2:  not yet in GEMINI  [[BR]]
    127                 4/16:  Matt, Don to provide a plan  [[BR]]
     131                4/16:  Matt, Dan to provide a plan;  starting 043013  [[BR]]
    1291337)  Prepare tutorials for multiple use cases, identify and fix any "kinks", support off-line use of tutorials, and evaluate user experineces at GEC17 (and before) to guide further development  [[BR]]