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     2= Test Cases for GEMINIv2 =
     4Based on requirements defined in
     6  * We need a test case for each combination of requirements (for example:  req 1A, or 6A with 1B slice
     7  * Each test case should have
     8     * brief description of the test case and which requirements it addresses
     9     * preconditions:  what certificate do I need, what rspec do I need, what image do I need, etc.
     10     * success criteria.  How do I know if the test passed or failed?
     13When executing the tests, keep track of:
     15  1.  Browser used (Should try with latest Firefox and Chrome)
     16  1.  Rspecs used (save them in the portal and/or save them on this or another wiki page for easy reference)
     17  1.  Certificate used (don't save them anywhere but record at least the user and authority of the certificate in case there are issues related to the specifics of the certificate)
     18  1.  Rack(s) used
     19  1.  Date/time the test was last executed
     20  1.  Pass/Fail
     21  1.  If Fail, issues encountered.  Capture error that you saw and any other details that might help reproduce the error.