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    1616=== 0)  Overview of experiment ===
    18 0.1)  Title and abstract
     18The instructions on this page are designed for the GEMINI Tutorial at GEC 15. This tutorial covers how to instrumentize a GENI slice using the GEMINI I&M system.
     20The GEMINI I&M system provides an easy way to instrumentize a GENI slice with passive and active measurements. The current version of GEMINI provides host monitoring metrics (cpu, memory, network) and tools to perform on-demand and regular active measurements for throughput, one-way latency and round-trip latency (both with jitter and loss).
     22Users can specify through their request RSpec which nodes should have passive instrumentation (e.g. host monitoring) and which nodes should active measurement services installed. While most passive instrumentation is always on, active measurements must be configured by the user. This is done through a web interface available on a instrumentized slice. A key service for this to work in GEMINI is UNIS: Unified Network Information Service.
     25UNIS and Topology-based Configuration: The Unified Network Information Service (UNIS) is the most important
     26component of the GEMINI architecture. For those familiar with perfSONAR, this service is the combination of
     27the Lookup Service and the Topology Service of the perfSONAR framework. UNIS stores the topology data of GENI
     28slices, and services register themselves so that they can be found dynamically. The configuration of the
     29active measurement services is done through annotations on the topology data. A web interface is provided to
     30configure the active measurements and push the configuration to UNIS.
    20330.2)  Goals
     35In this tutorial you will learn all the steps necessary to fully utilize the GEMINI I&M system, from instrumentizing and bootstrapping your slice to configuring measurements to visualizing and archiving the data.
    22380.3)  Configuration
     40For the tutorial given at GEC15, the slices will be pre-made and instrumentized.  The information for the slice will be given to you on an info sheet and you can also find your information [wiki:GEMINITutorial/SliceInformation here].  Make sure you are accessing your slice!
    24430.4   Process  (flow chart)
    2746=== 1)  Establish experiment environment ===
    29 1.1)  Establish experiment managment (user workspace) service
     481.1)  Establish experiment management (user workspace) service
    31501.2)  Gather necessary keys, certificates and credentials