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GEMINI v1.1 Design Topics

Task List and Status

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1 Repackage Global Node code for VM OS (Fedora 15) Matt/Hussma and Jeanne Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)? On 9/28, Jeanne still has issues.
2 Check into building images for InstaGENI, and decide if a call with Utah would help Hussam/Jeremy and Harry/Luisa/Jeanne Color(green, Complete)? Luisa provided instructions. On 9/28, Jeanne will start email with Jeremy and Luisa to resolve
3 Write a short description of a reference experiment based on Phoebus/XSP Ezra Color(green,Complete)? On 9/14, completed; see document
3b Describe an alternate reference experiment, that generates and manipulates traffic Jim Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)? On 9/28, pieces are working, will demo on 10/5
3c Provide story board and reference workflow for experiments/tutorials Jeanne/Harry Color(green,Complete)? On 9/21, reviewed; see story board and document
3d Need to agree on having GEMINI GEC15 tutorial follow steps in the reference workflow Jeanne/Harry and team Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)? 9/28, some review; agree on 10/5
3e Need to decide if tutorial will use only InstaGENI rack, or must also include ProtoGENI clusters Team Color(green,Complete)? on 9/28, agree InstaGENI rack unstable; likely only ProtoGENI, UK preferred
3f Need to identify owner of workflow for GEMINI GEC15 tutorial Team Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)? Agree on 10/5
4 Check into how we might clean up push/pull to/from UNIS Ezra Color(green,Complete)? On 9/13, Possible solution is to make LAMP GUI unavailable until every node checks in, but not sure it is worth the effort; defer.
5 Sketch the flow between elements of the new structure to be introduced at GEC15 Ezra Color(green,Complete)? On 9/21, reviewed sketch; see document
6 Merging development branches of GEMINI code Ezra/Omer/Ahmed/Matt 9/14? Color(green,Complete)? Merging is happening in private repository, hope to have completed by 9/21
7 Organize GENI ABAC status review Harry Color(green,Complete)? On 8/30. completed; see document
7b Explain AA use in new clearinghouse Harry Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)? On 10/3, see link
8 Define authentication and authorization (AA) workflow in GEMINI for various use cases Ezra/Ahmed Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)? On 9/21, explained; see configuration and document; next step is to integrate with UNIS and try transaction; on 9/28, see status; still in target for GEC15
9 Current user email list does not work for outside users Jeanne Color(green,Complete)? On 9/14, Jeanne to setup Google Groups list
10 Need to revisit source control plan Jeanne Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)? On 9/21, presented current view in drawing; see document; on 9/28, GEMINI portal repository in progress, to Github, like INSTOOLS