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GEMINI v1.1 Integration Plan and Status

Task List and Status

ID Task Owner Due Status Notes/Deliverables
1 Send list of Blipp graphs to KY Ahmed 10/8
2 Set up MS dev instance Ahmed 10/8
3 Send data access code to Jeremy Ahmed 10/8
4 Package, instrumentize, and test Blipp/UNIS/MS Ezra and Matt 10/12 Deliverables are a new tarball and install script
5 Integrate Blipp graphs into drupal Jeremy and Charles 10/11, 10/15 Deliverables are new drupal configuration installed on the GN
6 Run Acceptance tests on all supported configurations Jeanne 10/22
7 Compose tutorial wiki Jeremy and Ahmed 10/12 1st draft by 10/12, iterate the week before GEC
8 Define topology, produce initial rspec Jim and Charles 10/10
9 Set up and verify half of slices for tutorial Ezra 10/12
10 Set up rest of slices for tutorial Ezra 10/15
11 Create information sheet Jeanne 10/22
12 Create accounts for path controller Charles 10/19
13 Verify resource allocation for tutorial Jim 10/12

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