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GEMINI v1.1 Integration Plan and Status

Task List and Status

These tasks are based on the GEMINI v1.0 Integration Plan:

ID Task Owner Due Status Notes
1.1 User workspace VM Jeanne 5/23 Color(green,Complete)? See for instructions
1.2 Find reference experiment Ezra Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)? 5% Ezra will try using XSP and prepare instructions
1.3 Document reference cases Jeanne 5/23 Color(green,Complete)?
1.4 Specify and document rspec extensions Hussam 5/23 Color(green,Complete)?
2.1 Issue tracker Jeanne 5/23 Color(green, Complete)?
3.1 Move Old UNIS to IU Guilherme 5/23 Color(green,Complete)?
3.2 Move LAMP CA to IU Guilherme 5/23 Color(green,Complete)?
3.3 iRODS at UK Hussam 5/23 Color(green,Complete)?
3.4 GEMINI Portal at UK Charles 5/23 Color(green, Complete)?
4.1 Bug fixes on current perfSONAR modules Guilherme 6/6 Color(green,Complete)?
4.2 Package and install perfSONAR modules Guilherme 6/6 Color(green,Complete)?
4.3 Separate entry into presentation GUI Guilherme 6/6 Color(green,Complete)?
4.4 Verify reference cases Guilherme 6/6 Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)?
5.1 Bug fixes on current INSTOOLS modules Hussam 6/6 Color(green,Complete)?
5.2 Package INSTOOLS modules Hussam 6/6 Color(green,Complete)?
5.3 Installation script for INSTOOLS modules Hussam 6/6 Color(green,Complete)?
5.5 Verify reference cases Hussam 6/6 Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)?
6.1 Integrate PS and INSTOOLS module installation scripts Hussam and Guilherme 6/20 Color(green,Complete)?
6.2 Verify reference cases for both active and passive together Hussam and Guilherme 6/20 Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)?
6.3 Extend iRODS script to include perfSONAR data Guilherme 6/20 Color(#FF6600, "Won't Fix")? Will be done for the new architecture after GEC 14.
7.1 Define acceptance test plan Jeanne 6/20 Color(green,Complete)?
7.2 Execute acceptance tests Jeanne 6/20 Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)? 75% Executed instrumentize script, passive and active meas.
Executed existing iRODS functionality
No reference experiment
8.1 Coordinate tutorial with earlier tutorial Harry 7/4 Color(green, Complete)? Conf call with Rob Ricci on 6/21
8.2 Define use cases and reference experiments to be included Ezra? 7/4 Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)?
8.3 Identify tutorial roles 7/4 Color(#B0E0E6, In Progress)?
8.4 Prepare tutorial VM Jeanne 7/4 Color(green, Complete)?
8.5 Prepare materials 7/4 Not Started

Modules and Scripts

Module Owner Status
Old psConfig Guilherme Ready
Old UNIS Guilherme Ready
Bootstrap script Hussam
Service watcher Guilherme Ready
PSBuoy/PINGER Guilherme Ready
Drupal CMS Charles
GEMINI Portal Charles
perfSONAR Config Portal Guilherme Ready
PerfAdmin (Presentation) Guilherme Ready


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