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    2626+ 4/19/12 topics suggested by Harry: [[BR]]
    2727 3g)  review access to http on VM (Hussam+) [[BR]]
    28  5i)  who will help formulate final MDOD schema? (Martin>?)  [[BR]]
     28 4d)  Old UNIS vs new UNIS: understand transition plan  (?) [[BR]]
     29 5i)  who will help formulate final MDOD schema? (Martin on4/18:  Ezra and Omer)  [[BR]]
    2930 5j')  report on Gush  (Jeanne) [[BR]]
    30  6d)  provide a more complete view of GEMINI portal service  (Jim, Charles)  [[BR]]
     31 6d)  provide a more complete view of GEMINI portal service  (Jim, Charles on 4/18/12)  [[BR]]
    3132 7h)  review current status of baseline configuration to gather host metrics (Guilherme, and all) [[BR]]
    3233 8)  agree on steps towards GEMINI tutorials at GEC14  (all) [[BR]]
    144145c)  Question:  Use web interface on common node to configure services, tests;  how does this push config to UNIS?  What authentication/authorization steps are included?
    146 *topic on 4/5/12: [[BR]]
     148*topic for 4/5/12, 4/18/12, 4/19/12:  [[BR]]
    147150d)  Old UNIS vs new UNIS: [[BR]]
    148152*4/5/12 notes from Jeanne:  [[BR]]
    149153What is the transition plan?    Both can run in parallel until full functionality is available with new UNIS.  Then turn down old UNIS.  [[BR]]
    150154Local vs. global UNIS hierarchy:  Will new UNIS have local and global configuration?  Yes, probably not by GEC14. [[BR]]
     156*4/18/12 notes from Harry:  Martin indicates that Old UNIS and New Unis can run in parallel, and in sync, until Old UNIS is eventually turned down.  [[BR]]
     158*4/19/12:  explain more;  provide definition for other uses.  [[BR]]
    153160== 5)  User workspace service ==
    252259Task:  Harry will modify drawing to reflect discussion with Jim, and then two perspectives can be compared. [[BR]]
    253261Done on 4/4;  agree that portal can be in user workspace, or somewhere else. [[BR]]
    254262See updated drawing.  [[BR]]
     264Jim and Charles on 4/17:  showed early demo;  portal is very thin, and runs in a server;  user logs into portal with browser, typically using HTML5 that runs in browser;  portal includes gadgets that interface to various parts of the system, parts of slice and/or tools;  tools can run in user workspace;  portal remembers parameters, but is NOT persistent;  common denominator is  a web GUI, even when interfacing to a CLI;  expect user's identity to pull credentials from store  ("ABAC" approach);  expect various rspecs to be stored in UNIS.
     266Jim and Charles on 4/17/12:  next step is to further define portal, and write it up.
    256268e)  Task:  Understand NICTA's iREEL portal service;  is this a more complete tool for managing I&M services?