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GEC14 GEMINI Tutorial Slice Information

Node access and portal password information for the slices created for the GEC14 GEMINI tutorial.
NOTE: These slices will go away shortly after GEC14.

GEMINI Portal Passwords

Slicename Password
gemini01slice 143f0827fa96acc0a227838479c689e93c7e3a9f
gemini02slice c7e780132b14dfcac0b7da64e3b36fc5ea2ab3b7
gemini03slice 0c7776b7e47438fa410b04a3bb6d12df3b51c072
gemini04slice 43b0aaf382ba3cd1dc0a4f9177f29e2131e7cccb
gemini05slice cf4cada904bf7b9c7f2a339c66d99fdc1327ab62
gemini06slice bb797b17c0d4b270ee61185468093e24c533283f
gemini07slice a777c0491bdb0a93a4da6fe4335481d42efd45d3
gemini08slice 28312a325e71c8f7f1323cfa57e6260f2e36b6c5
gemini09slice 1fc565698f2b3a4a8187c1d7e207599947599e73
gemini10slice 047a09b59e064bee23480953aedf1aedb8ed1715
gemini11slice ebfa005beb97756a44f95e4494675603fb42b9da
gemini12slice c5b09d826c52d9ddb6bc512df7b2189e96948f8b
gemini13slice 88363db9c07bf6b97258e4ed08a8a94174a46b4c
gemini14slice 70f3586c1b874b16601668aeac6db80fb12e476f
gemini15slice 04a6c444b417887df70ff5875063a156c491bc4c

Node Access Information

You can access these nodes from the user workspace using the command:

ssh -p <port> <username>@<physical host name>


ssh -p 33594


slice node physical host name port
GN 22
PCA 33594
PCB 33595
PCC 33596


slice node physical host name port
GN 22
PCA 33850
PCB 33851
PCC 33852


slice node physical host name port
GN 22
PCA 34106
PCB 34107
PCC 34108