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Instructions for using the GEC14 Tutorial VM for GEMINI

Logging in

Login information for the VM should be in the email that was sent with the download information.
Email Jeanne if you cannot find it.

Once you are on the VM, you can access the credentials directly in the directory: /home/geniuser/Tutorials/GEMINI.
There is a directory for each user. The ssh directory contains the certificates and keys.

Pick a user and use the associated password send in a previous email.
Place this password in the file /home/geniuser/.ssl/password

Updating the code

You can get the latest scripts, configuration, and rspec files by changing to the GEMINI common directory and doing a git pull:

$ cd ~/Tutorials/GEMINI/common
$ git pull

Creating the slice

  • If you are using Flack (there is currently a bug being fixed here), log in as the tutorial user that you chose
    (don't forget to log into the SA first: There are bookmarks for both in the Firefox toolbar.
  • If you are using omni, cd to the directory for your user (~/Tutorials/GEMINI/<username>)
    You can run omni commands directly from here and it will use the omni_config in that directory.
  • If you are using protogeni test scripts, you can find them in /opt/protogeni.
    Use the -f option to specify the path to the certificate (/home/geniuser/Tutorials/GEMINI/<username>/ssh/<username>.pem)

Running instrumentize script

  • Make sure you have the most up-to-date scripts (see Updating the code above).
  • Before running, you will want to add your key to the ssh-agent using the following commands.
    The ssh-agent should already be running.
$ ssh-add /home/geniuser/Tutorials/GEMINI/geminiXX/ssh/geminiXX_key

This will keep it from continuously prompting you for the password.

  • You can then run from the directory /home/geniuser/Tutorials/GEMINI/common
$ -f /home/geniuser/Tutorials/GEMINI/geminiXX/ssh/geminiXX.pem -n geminiXXslice

Accessing the portal

Before accessing the portal, add your certificate to the browser using these instructions

Using iRODS

Before using iRODS, you will need to configure /home/geniuser/.irods/.irodsEnv.

If you are using the Final tutorial VM (uploaded on 06/29) you can copy the template at /home/geniuser/.irods/geminiIrodsEnv and replace gimiXX with your tutorial username. If you are using an older tutorial VM, replace "thisIrodsUser" with your tutorial username.

You can then run iinit to store the password so you are not prompted each time.


Notify Jeanne if you run into any issues.