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GEMINI Testing executed on 9/12/2012

Status of All Test Runs

What was tested

Today I tested the global node active measurement install script provided by Matt Jaffee using an InstaGENI slice.

Test Status

Step Status Open Tickets
1. Establish test/experiment environment Color(green, Pass)?
2. Obtain slice of GENI resources Color(green, Pass)?
3. Install and configure GEMINI I&M tools Color(red, Fail)?
4. Release resources, and cleanup Color(green, Pass)?

Test Details

1. Establish test/experiment environment

User Workspace

  • Using the GEC14 Tutorial VM
  • Inputs:
    • GENI certificate
      • Two formats: PEM and PKC12
      • installed in $HOME/.ssl
      • location of PEM file configured in omni_config
      • stripped the passphrase for automation
      • created the password file to be used by
    • SSH key pair
      • installed in $HOME/.ssh
      • location configured in omni_config
      • key added to ssh-agent
  • All credentials configured using script
  • GENI pkc12 certificate installed in the Firefox browser
  • Outputs:
    • ready to use
    • ready to log into nodes in the slice

UNIS server


Git Repository

Package server

  • Installed Matt's script (from email) at /var/www/GEMINI/0.1/scripts/Fedora_15/x86_64/

2. Obtain slice of GENI resources

  • Used omni to create the slice and the sliver on InstaGENI aggregate
    • Used insta.rspec
    • Had to retry the sliver creation several times. Sometimes one of the nodes would fail.
  • Made sure I could ssh in to all of the nodes without a password
    • Sometimes one of the nodes would fail to allow logging in with my key. Had to recreate the sliver when this happened.

3. Install and configure GEMINI I&M tools

  • Ran to install and configure GEMINI tools on the nodes in the slice
    ./ -f ~/.ssl/johrenpgeni.pem -n johGEM201209121444
  • Ran into a few issues:
  1. Had to run dos2unix on the script to eliminate carriage returns (artifact of email client?)
  2. /usr/sbin is not in the default path so cannot find adduser (line 82 of
  3. adduser arguments are not the same on Fedora (group must be specified differently)

(nobody user already exists so probably just want to add group perfsonar?)

  1. httpd fails to start in Error:
    Starting httpd: [Wed Sep 12 13:57:36 2012] [warn] _default_ VirtualHost overlap on port 443, the first has precedence
  2. attempts to restart web server on line 48 with "/etc/init.d/apache2 restart" rather than "/etc/init.d/httpd restart"

4. Release resources, and cleanup

  • Used omni to delete the sliver
    geniuser@UserWorkspace:~/Tutorials/GEMINI/common$ -a insta-utah deletesliver johGEM1208221147 -V 2 -t GENI 3
  • Inputs:
    • slice name
  • Outputs:
    • sliver has been deleted

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