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GEMINI Testing executed on 8/23/2012

Status of All Test Runs

What was tested

Today I ran two different test cases:

  1. I tried different configurations of the "gemini" element in the rspec: active-only, passive-only, and both active and passive.

For each of these, I set both installed and enabled to "yes" for now (rather than installing without enabling and vice versa).

  1. I did more in-depth testing of the passive measurement configuration options.

Test Case A

Step Status Open Tickets
1. Establish test/experiment environment Color(green, Pass)?
2. Obtain slice of GENI resources Color(green, Pass)?
2. Install and configure GEMINI I&M tools Color(red, Fail)? #6
3. Release resources, and cleanup Color(green, Pass)?

Test Case B

Step Status Open Tickets

Test Case A Details

1. Establish test/experiment environment

User Workspace

  • Using the GEC14 Tutorial VM
  • Inputs:
    • GENI certificate
      • Two formats: PEM and PKC12
      • installed in $HOME/.ssl
      • location of PEM file configured in omni_config
      • stripped the passphrase for automation
      • created the password file to be used by
    • SSH key pair
      • installed in $HOME/.ssh
      • location configured in omni_config
      • key added to ssh-agent
  • All credentials configured using script
  • GENI pkc12 certificate installed in the Firefox browser
  • Outputs:
    • ready to use
    • ready to log into nodes in the slice

UNIS server


2. Obtain slice of GENI resources

  • Used omni to create the slice and the sliver on UKY Protogeni aggregate
    • Rspec includes a gemini element for each node describing what services should be installed and enabled. I tried three different configurations; same config for each node:
      • Both active and passive
                <gemini:node type="mp_node">
                        <gemini:active install="yes" enable="yes"/>
                        <gemini:passive install="yes" enable="yes"/>
      • Active-only
                <gemini:node type="mp_node">
                        <gemini:active install="yes" enable="yes"/>
                        <gemini:passive install="no" enable="no"/>
      • Passive-only
                <gemini:node type="mp_node">
                        <gemini:active install="no" enable="no"/>
                        <gemini:passive install="yes" enable="yes"/>
  • Made sure I could ssh in to all of the nodes without a password
  • Inputs:
    • rspec
      • modified gemini element for each case
  • Output:
    • slice manifest
    • slice login information

3. Install and configure GEMINI I&M tools

  • Run to install and configure GEMINI tools on the nodes in the slice
  • Instrumentize succeeded in approximately 15 minutes for the active-only and both cases.
  • For the passive-only case, the instrumentize completed prematurely with the following traceback
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "./", line 327, in <module>
      File "/home/geniuser/src/UW/", line 1404, in install_Active_measurements
        if (nodes_sliver_urns[node_sliver_urn]["active"]["enable"] != 'yes'):
    KeyError: 'enable'
  • Inputs:
    • slice name
    • certificate file
  • Output:
    • portal username and password
    • all nodes are ready to run the experiment
      • phoebus installed
      • Appropriate GEMINI tools installed
      • able to log into the GEMINI portal

4. Release resources, and cleanup

  • Used omni to delete the sliver
    geniuser@UserWorkspace:~/Tutorials/GEMINI/common$ -a pg-ky deletesliver johGEM1208221147
    INFO:omni:Loading config file /home/geniuser/.gcf/omni_config
    INFO:omni:Using control framework pg
    INFO:omni:Substituting AM nickname pg-ky with URL, URN unspecified_AM_URN
    INFO:omni:Deleted sliver on unspecified_AM_URN at
    INFO:omni: ------------------------------------------------------------
    INFO:omni: Completed deletesliver:
      Options as run:
            aggregate: pg-ky
            framework: pg
            native: True
      Args: deletesliver johGEM1208221147
      Result Summary: Deleted sliver on unspecified_AM_URN at
    INFO:omni: ============================================================
  • Inputs:
    • slice name
  • Outputs:
    • sliver has been deleted

Test Case B Details