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GEMINI: A GENI Measurement and Instrumentation Infrastructure
a.k.a GEMINI

Technical Contacts

PI Martin Swany, Indiana University (
Co-PI Chris Small, Indiana University (
Co-PI James Griffioen, University of Kentucky (
Co-PI Zongming Fei, University of Kentucky (

Participating Organizations

Indiana University

University of Kentucky

Related Projects

Leveraging and Abstracting Measurements with perfSONAR (LAMP)

Instrumentation Tools for a GENI Prototype, a.k.a. INSTOOLS

A ShadowBox-based ProtoGENI Instrumentation and Measurement Infrastructure, a.k.a. ShadowNet

GPO Engineers

GPO System Engineer: Harry Mussman

GPO Software Engineer: Jeanne Ohren


This project will develop and deploy the GEMINI instrumentation and measurement framework, capable of supporting the needs of both GENI experimenters and GENI infrastructure operators. It uses the perfSONAR system as its basis, and will include capabilities being developed by key GENI I&M projects, including LAMP and INSTOOLS. It will collect and manage both substrate metrics as well as slice-specific measurements. It will introduce a GENI Global I&M Registry so that GEMINI components can locate one another, and locate measurement sources and data. It will include access control for instrumentation infrastructure, measurements, and measurement data based on GENI policy and authorization mechanisms.

Strategy and Goals

The GENI LAMP project has adapted perfSONAR code for operation in a protoGENI slice, and has included the Periscope display module. The GENI INSTOOLS project has written easy-to-use tools for experimenters who wish to instrument their protoGENI slice.
This GEMINI project will merge LAMP (including perfSONAR and Periscope) code and features, with INSTOOLS code and features, to form one set of GEMINI I&M services that can be flexibly deployed in a defined range of GENI environments.

Its first goal is to provide easy-to-use I&M services for experimenters, who are deploying slices in GENI on selected types of servers, VMs and racks, interconnected by various types of network paths.
Its second goal is to provide comprehensive infrastructure measurement services for infrastructure operators, who are deploying measurement slices on selected types of servers, VMs and racks, interconnected by a various types of network paths. In addition, slices established by other infrastructure operators, or by experimenters, can be authorized to gather data from the measurement slices, via interfaces that retain compatibility with currently deployed perfSONAR services.

This project will build and operate three persistent services, including a GENI Global I&M Registry (i.e., UNIS), a GENI Experimenter Portal Service and a GENI Event Messaging Service; these can be utilized by all types of GENI I&M services, including those developed in the GIMI project. The GENI Experimenter Portal Service will be developed in cooperation with the GIMI project, to support both GEMINI and GIMI tools. This project will utilize a persistent service provided by the GIMI project, the GENI Measurement Data Archive service (i.e., iRODs). It will use the GENI Measurement Data Object Descriptor (MDOD) schema, defined for use by all GENI I&M services.

Operational Capabilities


Spiral 4

Status Reports and Demonstrations

GEC13 slides
GEC13 demo poster

Software Releases and Acceptance Tests

GEMINI v1.0 Design Topics

GEMINI v1.0 Definition

GEMINI v1.0 Integration Plan and Status

GEMINI v1.0 Acceptance Test Plan
Summary of All Tests
Results from Test on 8/22/12

Tutorials and Experimenter Support

GEC13 demo poster

Combined InstaGENI and GEMINI tutorial at GEC14

InstaGENI tutorial at GEC14

GEMINI tutorial at GEC14

GEMINI user (experimenters) mailing list

Technical Documents

RSpec Extension Proposal to Enable Port Mapping

RSpec Extension Proposal for Service Mapping

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