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    33== Project Number ==
    5 1663
    77== Project Title ==
    9 GENI Registry Services[[BR]]
    10 a.k.a Digital Object Registry, DIGOBREG
     9GEMINI: A GENI Measurement and Instrumentation Infrastructure [[BR]]
    1212=== Technical Contacts ===
    14 '''PI''' Larry Lannom ( / 703 620 8990) [[BR]]
    15 Giridhar Manepalli ( / 703 620 8990) [[BR]]
    16 Jim French ( / 703 620 8990) [[BR]]
    17 Christophe Blanchi ( / 703 620 8990)
     14'''PI''' Martin Swany, Indiana University  ( [[BR]]
     15'''Co-PI'''  Chris Small,  Indiana University  ( [[BR]]
     16'''Co-PI''' James Griffioen,  University of Kentucky  ( [[BR]]
     17'''Co-PI''' Zongming Fei,  University of Kentucky  ( [[BR]]
    1919=== Participating Organizations ===
    21 Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI)[[BR]]
    22 1895 Preston White Drive, Suite 100[[BR]]
    23 Reston, VA 20191 - 5434
     21Indiana University [[BR]]
     23University of Kentucky [[BR]]
    2526=== Related Projects ===
    2735=== GPO Liaison System Engineer ===
    3341== Scope ==
    35 The scope of work on this project is to adapt the Handle System and/or
    36 a Digital Object Registry to realize a clearinghouse registry for
    37 principals, slices, and/or components in a selected GENI Spiral 1 control
    38 framework  (possibly using XML RPC), and capable of
    39 supporting limited operations in Year 1.  Also, to analyze how the
    40 Handle System and/or a Digital Object Registry could be used to
    41 identify and register GENI software, including experimenter’s tools,
    42 test images and configurations, and test results.  And finally, to
    43 define the operational, scaling, security, and management
    44 requirements, plus recommended design approaches, for implementing
    45 GENI clearinghouse and software registry services.
     43This project will develop and deploy the GEMINI instrumentation and measurement framework, capable of supporting the needs of both GENI experimenters and GENI infrastructure operators.  It uses the perfSONAR system as its basis, and will include capabilities being developed by key GENI I&M projects, including LAMP and INSTOOLS.  It will collect and manage both substrate metrics as well as slice-specific measurements.  It will introduce a GENI Global I&M Registry so that GEMINI components can locate one another, and locate measurement sources and data.  It will include access control for instrumentation infrastructure, measurements, and measurement data based on GENI policy and authorization mechanisms. [[BR]]
     45== Strategy and Goals ==
     47The GENI LAMP project has adapted perfSONAR code for operation in a protoGENI slice, and has included the Periscope display module.  The GENI INSTOOLS project has written easy-to-use tools for experimenters who wish to instrument their protoGENI slice.  [[BR]]
     49This GEMINI project will merge LAMP (including perfSONAR and Periscope) code and features, with INSTOOLS code and features, to form one set of GEMINI I&M services that can be flexibly deployed in a defined range of GENI environments. [[BR]]
     51Its first goal is to provide easy-to-use I&M services for experimenters, who are deploying slices in GENI on selected types of servers, VMs and racks, interconnected by various types of network paths. [[BR]]
     53Its second goal is to provide comprehensive infrastructure measurement services for infrastructure operators, who are deploying measurement slices on selected types of servers, VMs and racks, interconnected by a various types of network paths.  In addition, slices established by other infrastructure operators, or by experimenters, can be authorized to gather data from the measurement slices, via interfaces that retain compatibility with currently deployed perfSONAR services. [[BR]]
     55This project will build and operate three persistent services, including a GENI Global I&M Registry (i.e., UNIS), a GENI Experimenter Portal Service and a GENI Event Messaging Service;  these can be utilized by all types of GENI I&M services, including those developed in the GIMI project.  The GENI Experimenter Portal Service will be developed in cooperation with the GIMI project, to support both GEMINI and GIMI tools.  This project will utilize a persistent service provided by the GIMI project, the GENI Measurement Data Archive service (i.e., iRODs).  It will use the GENI Measurement Data Object Descriptor (MDOD) schema, defined for use by all GENI I&M services. [[BR]]
    4758== Operational Capabilities ==
    50 GENI Federated Clearinghouse Prototype[[BR]]
    52 [  Link to GENI Federated Clearinghouse]  [[BR]]
    53 [attachment:"GENI Federated Clearing House Performance report.pdf" Evaluation of the GENI Federated Clearinghouse] [[BR]]
    5762=== Milestones ===
     641893 Year 1 (Spiral 4):
     65a)      Work with I&M teams and the GPO to define and document a defined range of GENI environments, into which I&M tools can be successfully deployed, including:  a selected set of aggregates, accessed by specified interfaces/protocols/APIs, using a selected set of experiment management and measurement orchestration tools.  (March 2012)
     67b)      Define and document v1.0 GEMINI architecture, service components, interfaces and measurement data schemas, in cooperation with I&M teams and the GPO.  (March 2012)
     69c)      Refactor UNIS (combined Lookup and Topology Services) to support hierarchical operation with local and global instances:
     701.      Update topology model to Rspec version 3 and AM API (February 2012)
     712.      Modifications to allow local UNIS to register with global UNIS (March 2012)
     723.      Initial deployment of persistent GENI Global I&M Registry (GGR) service, based on UNIS. (May 2012)
     734.      Complete noSQL (MongoDB) backend (September 2012)
     745.      Unify Perl and Python implementations (September 2012)
     76d)      Refactor LAMP/perfSONAR/Periscope/BLiPP services:
     771.      To support deployment into a defined range of GENI environments. (March 2012)
     782.      To support the flexible deployment of I&M services onto selected nodes, and the flexible configuration of I&M measurement points, including those for basic active network measurements, at each measurement node.  (March, 2012)
     793.      To support dynamic deployment of I&M services, after an application has been deployed on a node.  (July 2012)
     81e)      Refactor and extend LAMP/perfSONAR/Periscope/BLiPP services:
     821.      To collect measurement data provided by an experimenter’s application (July 2012)
     832.      To efficiently collect measurement data from MIBs in the local node  (July 2012)
     85f)       Refactor perfSONAR Measurement Archive (MA) to Measurement Store (MS) and extend to:
     861.      Support authorization of transfers between slices (April 2012)
     872.      Support for multiple storage arrangements, including a continuum of durations (August 2012)
     883.      Support movement of measurement data objects from an MS to an iRODS-based Measurement Data Archive service, including the associated MDOD (September 2012)
     90g)      Refactor INSTOOLS portal service to support GEMINI and GIMI tools, to become the GENI Experimenter Portal Service       
     911.      Identify use cases / concept of operations, in cooperation with the GIMI project  (February 2012)
     922.      Provide first prototype (March 2012)
     933.      Initial deployment of persistent GENI Experimenter Portal Service (July 2012)
     944.      Include ability to view Periscope services (July 2012)
     955.      Include ability to orchestrate operation of measurement services (Sept 2012)
     966.      Include ability to create and edit Measurement Data Object Descriptors (MDODs)  (Sept 2012)
     977.      Include ability to manage archiving of measurement data objects (Sept 2012)
     988.      Include content management features into Periscope service  (December 2012)
     100h)      GENI Event Messaging Service (GEMS)
     1011.      Identify use cases and concept of operations, in cooperation with the IMF and GIMI projects (February 2012)
     1022.      Compare available technologies and prototypes, in cooperation with the IMF and GIMI projects (March 2012)
     1033.      Complete initial GEMS prototype (June 2012)
     1044.      Integrate initial GEMS for GEMINI 1.0 (July 2012)
     1055.      Initial deployment of GENI Event Messaging Service (GEMS) (July 2012)
     107i)      Deliver release of GEMINI v1.0 I&M services software (July 2012)
     1081.      Fully integrated, and tested for functionality and robustness
     1092.      Documented
     1103.      For operation in defined range of GENI environments
     1114.      Deployment configurable for use by experimenters and for infrastructure measurement
     1125.      With capabilities and features as noted
     114j)      Demonstrate, document and support the use of GEMINI I&M services to collect, analyze and present measurement data satisfying the defined use cases for instrumenting an experimenter’s slice, including:
     1151.      Active IP network performance measurements, made between nodes within the slice (i.e., ping and iperf) (February 2012)
     1162.      Measurement data provided by the experimenter’s application (July 2012)
     1173.      Demonstrate at GEC14  (July 2012)
     1184.      Tutorial for experimenters at GEC14  (July 2012)
     1195.      Continuing support and bug fixes to experimenters using GEMINI I&M services  (thru Sept 2012)
     121k)      Demonstrate, document and support the use of GEMINI I&M services to collect, analyze and present measurement data satisfying the defined infrastructure monitoring use cases, including:
     1221.      A persistent infrastructure measurement slice, that provides active and/or passive measurements of the infrastructure included within the slice (February 2012)
     1232.      Authentication, and basic Authorization support, for collection and presentation in another slice (June 2012)
     138=== Demonstrations and Tests ===
    74 === Connectivity ===
    76 Expect to use IP addresses for registry.  Part of ProtoGENI cluster.
    78 No special GENI layer 2 connectivity needs for virtual Ethernet connections.
     142=== Tutorials and Experimenter Support ===