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    2 = GEMINI Tutorial =
     2= GEMINI Tutorials =
    44GEMINI is an instrumentation and measurement framework for the GENI network, and can be used by GENI users
    55to monitor and record information about their (running) experiment.
    7 The purpose of this page is to introduce the reader to the tools and resources available in GEMINI,
    8 by giving an example experiment and showing how one would go about instrumenting the experiment
    9 and then viewing the information gathered by the GEMINI system. 
     7The purpose of this page is to point users to the most recent version of the GEMINI tutorial, as well as to serve
     8as a pointer to past versions of the tutorial.  Because GEMINI is still under development, the features it
     9offers is rapidly changing and advancing.  Consequently, please be aware that instructions from past tutorials may no
     10longer work with the current version of GEMINI.
    11 Although this tutorial presents
    12 the topology used in the example experiment, the goal of this tutorial is '''not''' to show how to create
    13 a slice/experiment.  Users unfamiliar with creating and setting up a slice are encouraged to
    14 explore any of the control framework tutorials to learn more about creating slices.
     12Just a quick note about the GENI Desktop.  GEMINI is fully integrated with the GENI Desktop. As a result, the distinction between
     13the GENI Desktop and GEMINI can sometimes be confusing.  Basically, the GENI Desktop provides a graphical user interface
     14to view the measurement data collected by the GEMINI measurement system.  However, over time the GENI Desktop has
     15been enhanced to provide a long list of GUI features that go beyond providing access to GEMINI measurement data.  For example, the GENI Desktop
     16can be used to access FLACK, the portal, the iRods services, create slices, delete slices, ssh into nodes, etc.   
     17In that sense, the GENI Desktop is much more than just the GEMINI GUI.
    1619= The Latest GEMINI Tutorial =