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Initialize and Instrumentize a Slice in the GeniDesktop

If using the Advanced view in the Genidesktop. click on the "JACKS" button for the slice you want to add resources. If using the default view or if you just see a list of you slices, click on the slicename you want to add resources to.

  1. Depending upon how you want to add resources to the JACKS Tool, Click on the appropriate button in Figure 1-1. For this example, we will click on "Create New"
Figure 1-2 Jacks after it has loaded.
  1. Wait for Jacks to open in editing mode. Jacks should look like the picture to the right.
Figure 1-2 Jacks after it has loaded.
  1. Click the black VM box and drag it onto the canvas. This icon represents a generic default-vm which the aggregate has a well known default for (for InstaGENI it is a Xen VM and for ExoGENI it is an ExoSmall).
  2. Repeat the above step. You should now see two VM boxes on the canvas.
  3. Now click near one of the VM boxes on the canvas, then click and drag towards the other VM. Release when you reach the other VM. You should now see a line and a box representing a link connecting the two VMs.
  4. The canvas should now look like the picture on the right.
Two VMs connected by a link.
Figure 1-3 Two VMs connected by a link.
  1. To edit the name of the VM, click the VM box.
  2. In the "Name" field at the top, replace "node-0" with "client".
  3. Repeat for the VM labeled node-1. In the "Name" field at the top, replace "node-1" with "server".
Relabel VM
Figure 1-4 Edit the name of the VM.
  1. Now click on the unlabeled box in the middle of the link.
  2. Enter an IP Address for the "node-0/client" interface of
  3. Enter a Mask of
  4. Scroll down further and set IP Address of the "node-1/server" interface to and a Mask of
NOTE: You can also use the "Auto IP" button at the top left of the page if you want JACKS to automatically assign the IP Addresses
Relabel VM
Figure 1-5 Edit the IP Address and Mask of the VM.
  1. Click the "Site 2" box and select the aggregate you want to use from the pulldown menu. The "Reserve Resources" button at the bottom of the pane should now be clickable.
  2. If you would like to save this topology for future use to the GeniDesktop Cloud, click the "Save to Cloud For Future Use" checkbox and fill in the required details.
  3. Click the "Allocate Resources using RSPEC" button at the top of the page.
Two VMs connected by a link
Figure 1-6 Binding the topology to an aggregate.
  1. If your resource reservation was accepted by the Aggregate Managers, you would see something similar to Figure 1-7 followed by Figure 1-8
  2. The screen then transitions to the the Genidesktop page for that slice where you can perform slice/sliver related operations
Reserving Resources
Figure 1-7 Successfull reserved resources