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Retrieving data from periscope supporting backend


In the previous exercise, you may already have configured measurement probes via the GENI Desktop GUI. Here we are going to show you what happens in UNIS, the topology services of the backend periscope framework.

How Components Are Connected

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The above diagram (a placeholder for now) shows the components of GEMINI framework. here's the link to the blipp repo and wiki page where you can investigate more about using blipp for your special probes

BLiPP generates Metadata and Data

A review of generating data by running BLiPP (the second section about blipp should probably just focus on looking at the metadata and measurement objects in UNIS)

How to Access the Data through the RESTful API (step through)

step-by-step process of scanning the topology, looking for metadata, finding the eventTypes you are interested in (using or a browser), and then as a simple graphing tool tht can be customized for whatever graphing the user needs

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