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    6262== Instrument your Slice ==
    6364=== What does Instrumentize mean ? ===
     65  Once you have your experiment running, you may want to collect statistics (system/network). The statistics may be collected using active probing of your slice or you may just want to collect data passively from the nodes. Active Tests can include bandwidth measurement tests, Round trip time and many others. These measurements are taken by actively sending traffic on the nodes and link in your slice. Passive measurements may include, monitoring the traffic flow on links/nodes, system statistics like CPU and Memory monitoring, monitoring of system processes, IP tables and routes where in no data is actually sent through your nodes/link. All data collected is from the activity being performed by you or the Testbed on your nodes. For this to happen, we utilize the [ GEMINI I&M] system which is installed, configured and setup for you during this phase. This involves installing a lot of software on your nodes including the global node. This operation can take quite a considerable amount of time depending on which Disk Image is loaded on your nodes. If using a GEMINI enabled Disk Image listed at [ this page], this phase should complete within 10 minutes. IF you use your own Disk Image on the nodes in your slice which is also supported by GEMINI, this phase may take about 30 minutes or sooner.
    6467=== what does this do to my slice ? ===
     68  Once instrumentized, you can use the full capability of the GeniDesktop. This includes viewing network and system graphs, tabular data collected from your nodes, reconfigure the data you want collected and displayed. You also now have the ability to archive your data to your Irods account created at the GeniPortal. Once instrumentized, there will be additional data collection routines and daemons running on your nodes. The addition system and memory load should be minimal though and should not affect the performance of your nodes. You should also be able to use features you had when you initialized your slice.
    6670=== So What do I do now ? ===