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    1 = GEMINI/Tutorial/GEC15/Background/VM =
     3== Instructions for using the GEC15 Tutorial VM for GEMINI ==
     5=== Logging in ===
     7Login information for the VM will be provided at the beginning of the tutorial.
     9Once you are on the VM, you can access the credentials directly in the directory:
     10/home/geniuser/Tutorials/GEMINI.[[BR]] There is a directory for each user.  The ssh
     11directory contains the certificates and keys.
     13You will be assigned a username and password at the beginning of the tutorial.
     15=== SSL Key/Password Configuration ===
     16The script requires password-less access to the nodes.  Follow these steps to set this up.
     181.  Place your GENI password in the file /home/geniuser/.ssl/password
     192.  Add your ssh key to the ssh-agent by running the command (replacing geminiXX with your username):
     21$ ssh-add /home/geni/Tutorials/GEMINI/geminiXX/ssh/geminiXX_key
     25=== Updating the code ===
     27You can get the latest scripts, configuration, and rspec files by changing to the GEMINI common directory and doing a git pull:
     30$ cd ~/Tutorials/GEMINI/common
     31$ git pull
     34=== Creating the slice ===
     36    - '''Flack:'''  log in as the tutorial user that you chose[[BR]]
     37    (don't forget to log into the SA first:  There are bookmarks
     38     for both in the Firefox toolbar.
     40    - '''OMNI:'''  cd to the directory for your user (~/Tutorials/GEMINI/<username>)[[BR]]
     41    You can run omni commands directly from here and it will use the omni_config in that directory.
     43    - '''Protogeni test scripts:''' you can find them in /opt/protogeni.[[BR]]  Use the -f option to specify the path to the certificate (/home/geniuser/Tutorials/GEMINI/<username>/ssh/<username>.pem)
     45=== Running instrumentize script ===
     47  - Make sure you have the most up-to-date scripts (see ''Updating the code'' above).
     49  - Run from the directory /home/geni/Tutorials/GEMINI/common specifying your GENI certificate and the slice name.
     52$ -f /home/geni/Tutorials/GEMINI/geminiXX/ssh/geminiXX.pem -n geminiXXslice
     55=== Accessing the portal ===
     57Before accessing the portal, add your certificate to the browser using these [wiki:GEMINIFirefoxCertInstall instructions]
     59=== Issues? ===
     61Notify if you run into any issues.